Door hanger, door shmanger September 06 2013

Print marketing is still necessary for many businesses, and especially the fitness industry. That being said, if you have not embraced, and are not working toward mastering digital marketing, including social networking, you are in trouble.

Most gyms are seeking members between the ages of 35 and 55. That 20 year “window” represents the largest group of people who are seeking fitness advice, fitness coaching, and/or some major changes in their life, related to fitness. And they have the most money.

Through digital marketing, while you don’t spend much money, you are not able to target this group of people like you can with print marketing. The surest way to get a print marketing piece to 35 to 55 year olds, with household incomes above 60K per year, is to send a direct mail piece to their home. And this should be a part of your marketing plan every year.

But since you cannot likely afford to send mail pieces every week, or even every month. The next best way is a door hanger.

Now, with door hangers, you won’t go ONLY to homes that you have pre-screened for age and income. BUT you will go to neighborhoods where there is a high percentage of the group you are seeking. A door hanger will cost you typically less than 10 cents per. Now, as most you reading this know, the cost is all determined on how many you order. It is my recommendation to order enough for an entire year, with the plan of distributing 1000 to 2000 hangers on 4 to 6 different occasions.   This is a good time for us to make mention of the fact that we have been in the gym industry for more than 15 years. We have owned gyms in the recent past, and we have relationships with the best gym consultants in the industry. Do you need a marketing plan developed? We can help. Okay, back to door hangers: The cost is less than a mail piece, BUT you have to get manpower to distribute. This is where the costs can get high, and end up being more expensive than a direct mail campaign.

Find a youth group.

We used the boy scouts of America several times at our gym. We gave them $100.00 so they could buy tents, ropes, equipment, handkerchiefs, gas, food, supplies, etc.

They provided 10 or so scouts, so they each got about 100 hangers.

100 hangers per kid will take 3 to 4 hours.

Saturday mornings worked well.

1000 hangers cost about $100.00 (if you purchase at least 5000 for the year)

Total investment: $200.00, which breaks down to 20 cents per hanger. This will be less expensive than direct mail, allow you to build a relationship with a youth group, and enable you to mix up your print marketing mediums.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at H.I.P. gym. We are happy to answer any questions, and send you a FREE sample pack so you can see the quality of our product.

Until then, keep changing lives.

H.I.P. Gym