Pound and track November 11 2013

Fitness marketing is actually fairly straightforward in our opinion.  Yes, you need to embrace technology and social media.  If you don’t have a Facebook page yet, shut the doors, refund money and find a new job.  And your website needs to be dynamic.  You need to blog post, use videos, and constantly update it and link things to your Facebook page.  You should use constant contact, or a similar company to communicate to members and prospects via email once every couple of weeks. 

 But you also need to continue to use print marketing.  This is used mainly to attract the attention of people over the age of 35. We call it H.I.P. marketing, hence our name HIP Gym.

Hangers: Door hangers are cheap, and they can be effective.  The reason gyms don’t use them enough, this is due to figuring out who is going to distribute them, and at what cost.  Check with local youth groups, and worst case scenario, YOU get out there once per week and deliver 200.

Inserts: Two sided 8.5 by 11 inch stuck in your local/neighborhood newspaper.  Again, the cost of the product is cheap, but there are costs to the newspaper for inserting and distributing.  But, it’s worth a few phone calls, and don’t be afraid to barter the cost down, including a trade out if possible.

Passes: These can be 3 by 5 in size.  Door to door, business to business, fairs, festivals, races, etc.  Make it a goal to spend one hour 3 days per week going b to b with these passes.

You need to spend at least 5% of annual gross revenue on marketing.

But you also need to track the efforts.  This is not an exact science and can be downright challenging.  Let us try to help you get an idea of what to expect:

Hangers: 2% response rate is probably realistic.  So, every week you place 200, you may get 4 people who inquire.  This makes 8 to 10 per month and about 100 per year. 

Inserts: Probably around 1%, but you can distribute a lot more at once.  2000 per time, twice per month equals 4000 inserts per month.  That should get you 30 to 40 inquires.

Passes: This one is the hardest to get a gauge on.  Going door to door b to b, means a lot of them are going in the wastebasket, or going to collect dust on the break room table, BUT it is worth your time and effort as it gets a body out of the gym, and in the faces of people in your area.  And these things are super cheap, so for about $150.00 per month, you will have more than you can probably hand out.

Pound your message on your site, and have a strong Facebook presence.  Use videos on your site, blog post, and give tons of free fitness advice. 

Pound your message using H.I.P. (and direct mail, we will discuss at another time) track it as best you can, but one of the best way to know how effective it is, is to pound it consistently for 6 months, and then pull back for two weeks, and see how much less the phone is ringing, door is swinging, and inbox is dinging.

And regarding your message:  30 days for $19.00 (50% of whatever your single, simple access fee is, so training clubs, it may be 30 days for $69.00)

Keep changing lives!