About you! April 01 2014

Gyms, fitness centers, trainers, and nutritionists all have websites. Well, at least they all should have one. Now, some people who pay more attention to the internet than I do, predict that in a few years, websites will not be very popular, perhaps even obsolete.

But as of today, they are still necessary, and can be a very effective marketing platform.

Go to a gym website. Seriously, do it now. It can be your own a competitor, or www.planetfitness.com if you just want to click on a link.

On the home page of a gym’s website, can you see a tab that reads, “About us”? Or maybe is just reads, “About”.

Don’t click on it. Instead, take a minute and predict what you think you will find when you click on that tab.

Okay, now for those of you reading this who track your analytics, therefore you know how many people click on your website daily, weekly, monthly etc: For every 100 website hits, how many click on your “About us” tab?

I predict that you will find it to be a very low percentage. And why do you suppose that is?

Nobody cares about what you think about yourself. They care about how they think and feel about themselves.

So, here’s what I want you to do: Get rid of the “About us” tab, and replace it with: “About you!”

Yes, I think you should add an exclamation point, but you don’t have to.

Under this section, I want a video to pop up. I want someone who is good in front of a camera (I am happy to do this for you. I have a $7000.00 movie quality camera and a fitness studio) to say something like this:

“Thanks for checking out Awesome Blossom Fitness, the gym that wants to help you reach your health and fitness goals whether you become a member, or not. Start by telling us a little about you and what you are looking for regarding your health and fitness needs. Simply click on one of the boxes below, whichever one most closely matches your interests and goals. Whether it be weight loss, weight maintenance, strength training, nutrition advice, social activities, or two or more of the categories, we’ve got you covered. We have e-books and videos that will provide you with free information, including tips and support to help you reach your goals. All we need is your name and email and you will be on your way to getting support from Awesome Blossom Fitness at no cost, and without ever being a member. Of course, we would love to have you come and take a tour, and get started on a 30 day trial membership with no obligation to join. But the first step is to tell us about you, and we can go from there!”


Shoot some videos on weight loss, strength training, etc. and /or author some e-books or have a professional write them for you.

I know that this concept will work if done correctly.

It is never about you and your gym. It is always about them. It always has been and it always will be.

This idea came to me recently and it will work for any business. www.jasonlinse.com will have a “About you!” tab in the near future. Nobody clicks on About Jason. Okay, people do, but not as much as they click around on other parts.

When people click on the “About you!” tab, a video will play and they will watch me say something like:

“Thanks for checking out jasonlinse.com, the website that exists to help gym owners maximize profits. Please tell me more about yourself so I can best understand how to help you sell more memberships, more personal training, get more leads, retain more members, etc. Simply click on one or more of the boxes below and I will get you some awesome FREE information on that topic.”

I will have categories like: Telephone Inquiries. Tours. Referrals. Marketing. Number Tracking. Training Centric systems. And more.

With a name and an email, I will get them free content on their preferred topic. Videos, e-books, articles, etc.

I already do this on my home page, and I think you should do it there as well. But even if you do it there, doing it under the “About you!” tab is still recommended.

With a name and email, I have them on my newsletter, and perhaps one day they will want onsite training, or telephone coaching. Or to purchase one of my for sale products.

And speaking of that, check out my store page over the next few days. It will be chock full of cool stuff to help your gym run on all cylinders. Videos, PDFs, e-books, scripts, etc.

All awesome content, and all inexpensive.

Okay, back to the “About you!” concept, to finish up: I think it will be effective and it won’t take much work. You could start with two topics: Weight loss, and strength training. They can choose one or the other, or both. You could easily get your hands on two e-books on these respective topics.

And please contact me to set up a complimentary business review call if you have not before. Jason@jasonlinse.com

Oh, and www.personalityandfitness.com is still happening and my web person said by April 7th. He has made promised before, but claims this time it is for real. We shall see. I am super pumped and you should be too because using this personality tool to help make more sales and retain more members is real, really easy, and inexpensive.

Email me jason@jasonlinse.com if you want to be on a list of the first 100 gyms to get special pricing. You don’t even have to do it. The first step is you will be part of a pilot program to try it out, and then go from there. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV8e4QUvTd4&feature=youtu.be

Keep changing lives.