How to do a door hanger campaign December 09 2014

Door hangers can be an effective way to get more leads for your fitness business. They can sometimes be even more effective than Direct mail marketing. But being around this fitness industry for 19 years, I know that it takes a bit more thinking through to pull off a successful door hanger campaign than it does a mailer. Let me walk you through the key points so you get the most bang for you buck.

-Cost per piece. Print marketing always comes down to cost per piece, and it is always based on purchase volume. If you want to order only 500 door hangers, you are going to pay much more per piece than if you order 10000. I get annoyed when gym owners purchase a small amount. Do you have a closet? Then order 10000 or more and store them. They aren’t going to rot. They don’t have a shelf life. You can get the cost down to 6 cents per piece if you order enough door hangers.   The Hip 10000 package is a good example. The Hip 10000 package includes 10000 hangers, 10000 inserts/flyers and 10000 passes. 30000 total pieces for $1800.00. 6 cents per piece. Customized, no design fees, no hidden fees. In upcoming blog posts, I will cover inserts/flyers, and passes, but for this one, I am only tackling door hangers. Take the 10000 door hangers and put them in the closet. Grab 1000 hangers, leaving 9000 in the closet.

-Find a youth group to distribute. Here is where you are going to add to the cost per piece. Your goal is to distribute 1000 door hangers for between $50.00 and $100.00. Call the boy scouts. Tell them you are looking for 10 boys, aged 10 to 15 to each take 100 hangers and place them in neighborhoods that you designate. Then ask them if $50.00 is an acceptable donation. I used to pay $100.00 at a gym I owned a few years ago. $100.00 brings the total cost per piece up to 16 cents, which is still about half of what a good size direct mail piece would cost you. If the boy scouts say no, call the girl scouts. Then the high school athletic director. Maybe a church group.

-Don’t do this alone. To get the most bang, you need to get 500 to 1000 out in one shot. A 3 to 4 hour campaign on a Saturday morning, and you are golden. Work out a deal to have the scout group do it once per month for the year and you will get your 10000 out before you know it.

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