How to design a marketing plan December 23 2014

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” This is a quote from Ben Franklin. I agree with Mr. Franklin, and I like to think that anybody reading this would agree with me. But I also know, being an expert on personality, that about 50% of the population struggles with planning. And in my experience, less than 10% of gym owners actually have a 12 month marketing plan.

Whether you are a person who loves to plan, or somebody that despises it, you have two choices when it comes to marketing your fitness business. 1. Create a marketing plan, be proactive and have a good chance at success. 2. Don’t plan, be reactive, and almost guarantee failure.

Here’s the deal: We at hip gym can help. We can design a marketing plan for you, no problem. Yes, it will cost you a few bucks, but trust me, if you are not somebody who likes to design marketing plans and/or you don’t know where to start, the $149.00 you spend would be worth it if were $949.00.

If you want to design your own, here is how you go about it:

Step one: Calculate the budget. The formula we recommend is to spend between 5% and 10% of gross annual revenue on marketing. So, to make it easy, take 7%

Step two: Calculate the breakdown monthly. Some months require more money spent than others. Email for a document that breaks down the monthly percentages.

Step three: Decide where to spend it. Print marketing works, and is necessary. We recommend a combination of door hangers, direct mail, passes, and inserts. If you purchase in bulk, you will get the most bang for your buck.

Step four: Track it. Before you decide that direct mail pieces don’t work, be sure you track how many phone call, tours, and emails come from the campaign. Not sales. The marketing piece is designed to solicit a response. Salespeople turn these leads into sales.

Step five: Make adjustments along the way. Design a plan for 12 months, but be prepared to possibly make adjustments based on increased revenue or lack of results.

To get started on us building you a marketing plan, simply order through and a representative will contact you to set up a 30 minute call. Within one week of this call, you will have a plan in writing ready to be implemented.

Keep changing lives.