The magic number 27 February 26 2015

I started writing articles for Club Solutions Magazine in March of 2014. Almost one year ago.

I have written 23 blog posts for their website, I have written 2 sales blasts, also for their website.

I have written two articles for their print magazine, Club Solutions.

That is a total of 27.

I have been saying for years that when it comes to marketing, people need to trust a formula related to number of impressions.

People need to see something 3 times before they remember it. And people need to remember something 9 times before it is firmly implanted in their brain. So, 27 impressions is needed for many people before they take action.

I don’t know where I heard this, but I do know that I have tested it. Sort of. When it comes to a gym marketing, hitting somebody in your neighborhood 27 times, such as in the form of a door hanger, or mailer, will take around 4 months.

14 to 16 weeks, hitting them with something twice per week, as an example.

And this is about the time many gyms give in. They try pounding their message for 3 to 4 months, and when results aren’t great, they give up. But, in theory, this is the time when they should be staying the course, as the results are about to come.

So, when I owned a gym, I did just that. Despite my business partner wondering what I was doing, and even my employees reporting no results from our efforts, I kept it going. For the entire 2.5 years of owning this gym, we pounded as best we could. Taking no time off.

It worked.

And I spend a lot of time designing marketing plans for my clients and coaching them to keep it pounding for 4 to 6 months regardless of results.

When I first started writing articles for Club Solutions, I had been a fitness business consultant for 3.5 years. Business was good, but not great. Like many gyms, it wasn’t about closing percentage, having a good product, or getting results for my clients. It was about getting enough leads.

The articles helped with exposure. I did see some more calls and emails. Then, a couple of weeks ago, it exploded. People who came across my articles were emailing and calling. More than I had ever seen before.

Do you think it is simply coincidence that this occurred at the same time as my 27th article was published?

Neither do I.

Keep changing lives.