How to get the most from direct mail November 10 2015

It is November of 2015. The new year is fast approaching. Are you ready? Listen, I get it. I understand. Spending money on marketing sucks, but it is necessary. I know that a lot of gyms take much of the year off, but I also know that the one time of the year they focus on some marketing efforts is around the new year.

Do this: Drop 5000 mailers the second week in January.

Drop 75000 mailers the 1st week in February.

Drop 10000 mailers the 3rd week in March.


Here is the offer: 10 days for $10.00

Have 2 or 3 pictures on the front. NOT of your equipment, but of folks using balls, bells, and ropes.

Have two testimonials on the back, one from a male, one from a female. These are two people who lost 20 to 30 pounds. Don’t go with the 100 pounder. That’s the exception. Go with the most common amount of weight folks want to lose.

Track results. This means that you don’t say things like, “I sent out 5000 mailers and only got one member.” That is not how it works.

“From the 5000 mailers, we received 27 telephone calls. From the 27 calls, we booked 18 appointments to tour. 12 showed up, and 8 joined. We also had 13 walk ins from the mail piece. 9 of them joined.”

When I say joined, I am talking about taking advantage of the 10 days for 10 dollars, OR taking a longer term membership.

Expect most folks to take the 10 days for 10 dollars.

There are 4 follow up steps during the 10 day membership. Email with “10 day follow up” in the subject line and I will get those two you in a word document.

If you use hip gym, there are no hidden fees and no creative costs. The price is what you see on the website. You don’t have to use hip gym, but whomever you go with, make sure you are getting an 8 by 11 inch piece full color on both sides and excellent quality.

Mail houses will advertise crazy low prices, and then you find out they are post card sized, which won’t cut it, and so thin you can see through the piece.

Keep changing lives.