Content Marketing June 22 2016

Below is an article that our friend Jason Linse recently wrote.  It's very insightful into how to get the attention of different personality types.



Content marketing.  You have heard the phrase.  You likely even know what it means and why it is important. 

Free, free, free.  Everybody wants something for free.  Sort of.  Information, nowadays, is expected to be free. 
Wondering about something?  Work the google on the internet machine and you will find the answer. 


I have been writing content to benefit gym owners for many years.  And I have filmed hundreds of videos. 

I do enjoy it all, and if not for all of my content, I would not be doing what I am doing. 

A friend of mine is a runner.  Well, he was a runner as a kid, being one of the fastest cross country runners in his home state.  Now he is 42 years old.  Through the years, he has been forced to abandon running for as long as 10 years at a time, due to injuries.  Now, he is healthy and back at it with a goal to qualify for the Boston Marathon. 

He is a high GREEN.  An analyzer. is the place to find out what you are.  Email me with “personality” in the subject line and I will get you a promo code to take the 5 minute assessment. 

My friend recently hired an online running coach.   He gets his running plan emailed to him and after each run, my friend emails the coach and reports on how the run went. 

I asked my friend, his name is Mark, why he hired a coach.  And then I asked him why he hired THIS particular coach.

“I wanted an expert to help me with the right training approach so I could qualify for the Boston Marathon.”

“I chose this dude because he had so much free content out there.  I read an article and felt he knew what he was talking about, so I kept reading.”

In my world, as a fitness business coach, I have to put out a lot of good content to appeal to the GREEN folks.

I have to focus on the systems and processes, like my 7 steps to gigantic gym profits in order to appeal to the YELLOW people.

I need to show a good amount of my personality, a risk taking, sort of rebel, who has a disdain for boring and loves variety.  This appeals to the primary ORANGES.

And finally, the most challenging thing for me to do, and one I admit that I don’t spend as much time on:  Appealing to the primary BlUE people.  My last color is BLUE, therefore hardest for me to get the attention of.  BlUE people are the harmonizers.  They value close personal relationships and are the true people/people.  They don’t like to hurt other people’s feelings.    Here’s my rationale behind not spending too much time worrying about what BLUE folks think:  I am fun, fair, sensitive, intuitive, and a good listener, but I also care more about your sales and profits than I do about hurting your fucking feelings.  And I curse.  But that is also why many ORANGES (and many gym owners are primary ORANGE and primary GREEN) like me.  GREENS appreciate my logic behind my systems, and love my hundreds of articles and videos full of information.

Okay, enough about me.  You want to get the attention of all four quadrants? 

Here is a link to an article I wrote and published at Linkedin.  It went sort of viral, which is awesome.  

Let me know what you think after reading it.

Keep changing lives.