Lead generating for a couple of bucks November 02 2016

Forget mailers, door hangers, and newspaper inserts.  Just for a moment, forget those things.  Not because they don’t work.  They do work, but they also cost money.  And if I have learned anything as a fitness business coach, it is this:  Business owners, especially fitness business owners do not like to spend money on marketing.   And when they do, they expect a huge number of people to contact them and say something like, “Hey I just got this thing in the mail.  I want to come give you money right now.”

I used to own a gym, so I understand.

So, rather than try to convince you that by having a consistent, year round plan of attack, tracking responses from your efforts, and from there sales, let me instead, see if I am able to get you to jump on board with a less expensive form of marketing first.

Purchase 5000 3 inch by 5 inch passes.  Get them by clicking here:  http://hipgym.com/products/1-000-passes

This will be the best $300.00 you have ever spent. 

Now, get out a pen and paper.  Or open up word.  Whatever you prefer.

Write down all of the businesses near you.  Retail businesses. The same type of business you have, where anybody can walk on in anytime.  Hair salon, nail salon, cell phone place, convenient store, clothing store, etc.

If you have to drive around, which you likely will, do it.  Get all of these businesses on paper.

Add them up.  How many do you have?  75?  150?  122?  Whatever the number is, divide it by 8.

Example:  123 total businesses.  Divided by 8 equals 15.375.  Rounded equals 15.

Why 8?  You are going to visit each one of these businesses ONCE every two months, or roughly 8 weeks.

So, in my example, we need to visit 15 businesses per week.  Okay, now what?

Monday and Friday.  Those are the two days that I want you to visit these businesses.  Take the number of businesses per week (in my example, it is 15) by TWO. 

7.5, I will round it to 8. 

I need to visit 8 businesses on Monday and 8 businesses on Friday.

Record how many 3 inch by 5 inch passes you provide to each business.

Who are the passes for?  The employees of the these businesses.  Most of these businesses will have around 10 to 15 employees.  Give enough for 75% to 100% of employees.

Some businesses will allow you to leave passes on counters.  This is awesome.  But don’t ask on your first pass.  Get to know them a bit, but if they offer, take them up on it.  Get some cardboard holders for this scenario.

Jason, I can’t get my employees to do this.  Fire them.  Seriously, fire them right now you pussy.

Okay, before you hand them walking papers, make sure you have tried the following:

“John, our awesome salesperson, I need you to grab 100 or so passes and get outside the gym on Monday from 2pm to 3pm and from Friday 10am to 11am.  Here is the list of businesses you will visit with these passes. Simply walk in, “Hi, my name is John and I am with Awesome Blossom Fitness right down the street, and I have some awesome passes I wanted to give to you and all of the employees here at Mings Nail Salon.  How many people work here?”

Find out how many people work there, and hand somebody who works there enough passes for almost everyone.  Smile, say thanks, walk out. Record how many passes you provided.  Do this for 8 businesses. Come back to gym.”

If you do this two days of week, 52 weeks per year, going back to each business every 8 weeks, you will meet new people, including customers, you will increase “impressions” a lot and you will sell more memberships.  And then, when you do send out 5000 mailers, or 1000 newspaper inserts, or have the boyscouts distribut 1000 door hangers, those mediums will be more successful because the folks receiving them will have maybe seen some passes on counters or in their employee break room, or seen John the salesperson walking around town in his staff logo shirt and name tag.

If they still won’t do it, fire them and get employees who will.

Keep changing lives.